There is a magic in the collaboration between Jennie M. Bennett and Frøy Tveit. A relationship which began as mentor and apprentice quickly evolved as they discovered a synergy and shared excitement in working together. That energy is imbued in each exquisitely handcrafted piece, blending modern minimalist with traditional aesthetics. Their bold collections make the wearer feel empowered and beautiful in jewelry designed for daily life.




Jennie M. Bennett
I have a passion for making beautiful things! As a kid, I was fascinated watching my grandfather hand paint signs, and in my dad’s workshop, I experimented creating my own wood projects. It was in these spaces that I learned the discipline and focus that has continued into my creative career in art and as a singer and songwriter. My approach to jewelry design is the same as writing a song, to reveal the beauty in simplicity. 
Frøy Tveit
I had an early love for creating in a variety of mediums. After a career in Printing and Prepress, I discovered and was immediately hooked on fabricating jewelry. I had found the perfect balance between technical precision and creating art. As an immigrant from Norway, the unique traditions of Norse jewelry and risk-taking, along with the grace and symmetry of nature, give me inspiration for creating original pieces of jewelry.
We know you'll find something you love that gives you joy and confidence, accenting the beauty that you are!
Black and Red Earrings