Hot Spice Jewelry mixes minimalism and traditional aesthetics with a bit of rock'n'roll spirit and cozy Texas charm. It's a reflection of our story, and we’re proud beyond measure to make our jewelry a part of yours.




Jennie M. Bennett

Originally from Brenham, Texas, I spent fourteen years in Texas and Los Angeles playing keyboards and guitar and singing lead vocals in 5 rock bands. Yeah I had the big hair, Lol! It was while I was in Los Angeles working to piece a life together that I first learned to make jewelry. After over a decade playing music in bars, I wanted to come home to Texas. Where else would a music loving soul like me go?!? Austin, of course. I left L.A. and never looked back. Making jewelry has been my full time job for 25 years. Owning a small jewelry business makes my soul sing. My pieces are a part of my identity and I care about everything that leaves my studio.

Frøy Tveit
I had an early love for creating in a variety of mediums. After a career in Printing and Prepress, I discovered and was immediately hooked on fabricating jewelry. I had found the perfect balance between technical precision and creating art. As an immigrant from Norway, the unique traditions of Norse jewelry and risk-taking, along with the grace and symmetry of nature, give me inspiration for creating original pieces of jewelry.
We know you'll find something you love that gives you joy and confidence, accenting the beauty that you are!
Black and Red Earrings